Discover Digestive Harmony

Transform your gut health with an effective remedy from nature.

Peekay’s Yummy Tummy, a unique formulation of herbal ingredients —featuring ginger, patchouli, and tangerine peel—and other gentle & effective botanicals, addresses common gastrointestinal issues to support digestive health.

This herbal remedy offers “Feelbetterness” by easing the digestive process and enhancing overall gut health.

The Power of Peekay’s Herbs Yummy Tummy

Ginger: Ginger, scientifically known as Zingiber officinale, is renowned for its potent anti-inflammatory and gastrointestinal benefits. It’s been proven to improve digestion and protect the gastrointestinal tract significantly. Studies show ginger not only acts as a digestive stimulant but also offers anti-inflammatory and anti-nausea properties, making it highly effective in treating symptoms like bloating and indigestion (Srinivasan, 2017). Additionally, the systematic review of 109 randomized controlled trials on ginger highlights its consistency in improving digestive function and alleviating nausea (Anh et al., 2020).

Patchouli and Tangerine Peel: The combination of patchouli and tangerine peel has been studied for its remarkable effectiveness in treating gastric issues. This blend is known to repair gastric mucosal injury, decrease gastric acid secretion, and enhance the defensive capability of the gastric mucosa, effectively preventing ulcers and other gastric ailments (Chen et al., 2021). This indicates a synergistic effect when these ingredients are combined, highlighting the thoughtful formulation behind Peekay’s Yummy Tummy.

Tangerine Peel: Known for its rich flavonoid content, tangerine peel is used to treat various digestive disorders. The flavonoids in tangerine peel have been shown to possess potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory activities, contributing to their ability to improve digestive health (Chen, Tait, & Kitts, 2017).

It’s our Mission

Peekay’s Herbs, with a steadfast commitment to providing customers with products that enhance their well-being, is dedicated to delivering “Feelbetterness.” By choosing ingredients backed by extensive scientific research, Peekay’s ensures its products are natural and genuinely beneficial, offering a reassurance of quality and care.