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Unwind and Enjoy Your Holidays

The holiday season is filled with joy, laughter, togetherness, and sometimes a little stress tags along like an unwelcome guest. Whether it's chaotic Thanksgiving prep, the scramble of Christmas shopping, or New Year’s Eve shenanigans, we all have a lot on our plates & minds amidst the festive season. The holiday hustle can leave you feeling like a turkey on Thanksgiving Eve – stuffed with stress instead of stuffing!Peekay’s Calm Down is a wonderful herbal formula that supports our stress response in an effective, gentle, and well-balanced way. Each ingredient is chosen for its stress-busting prowess. Bupleurum Root, Albizia Bark, Passion Flower, and Valerian Root dance together in perfect harmony to create an herbal ballet that will leave you feeling...

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Sprinkle wellness magic over your little ones

Picture this: a home filled with laughter, healthy smiles, and, at times, tranquility. What’s the secret recipe to such familial bliss, you ask? When it comes to family wellness, Peekay’s Herbs is your trusty ally. Their range of products is likean herbal treasure trove, and we’ve picked out some gems that can sprinkle wellness magic over your loved ones and keep the chaos at bay (well, mostly). Kid’s Calm & Sleepy Time Ah, bedtime battles – a common struggle in many households. Enter Peekay’s Kid’s Calm & Sleepy Time. This gentle herbal remedy can help turn restless nights into serene sleep, whether it’s stress, anxiety, over-excitement, or stubborn insomnia. The secret? Adaptogenic herbs work their magic by soothing the mind...

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