Unlock the Secret to Pain-Free Periods – Nature's Trio of Relief!

Ancient Wisdom meets Modern Science to support women's menstrual wellness. 

In celebration of Women's Month, we spotlight women's health and well-being with Peekay's Herbs Cramp Champ. As the name suggests, this herbal formula helps alleviate women's discomfort during their menstrual cycles, including cramps, bloating, and PMS, while promoting menstrual regularity. Peekay's Cramp Champ harnesses the power of Cyperus Rhizome, Vitex Fruit, Cramp Bark, and other synergistically blended ingredients that combine ancient plant wisdom with modern medical knowledge to support all-around reproductive wellness.

The Science Behind the Ingredients

1. Cyperus Rhizome

Cyperus Rhizome, also known as Xiang Fu, is revered in Traditional Chinese Medicine for its remarkable ability to alleviate menstrual pain, promote healthy circulation, and combat stress. Scientific investigations provide evidence supporting its use in the management of menstrual discomfort and dysmenorrhea. A clinical observation demonstrated that traditional Chinese medicine prescriptions, including Cyperus Rhizome, effectively alleviated menstrual cramps in women with dysmenorrhea over a treatment period of three months. This study highlights Cyperus Rhizome's potential to provide relief from the painful symptoms associated with menstruation (Pin-Yi Lin et al., 2014)

2. Vitex Fruit

Vitex Fruit, or Chasteberry, is a powerhouse in managing various menstrual symptoms. It targets the uterine myometrial tissue and inflammatory signaling molecules, effectively reducing uterine contractions and inflammation. One study demonstrated that Vitex agnus-castus extract significantly inhibited uterine contractions and showed a promising anti-inflammatory capacity by reducing the production of reactive oxygen species and inflammatory cytokines, making it a key component in battling menstrual woes (Röhrl et al., 2016). Another comprehensive review confirmed Vitex agnus-castus's beneficial effects on premenstrual syndrome (PMS), menstrual cycle irregularities, and fertility issues, illustrating its broad spectrum of benefits for female reproductive health (Rafieian-kopaei & Movahedi, 2017)

3. Cramp Bark 

Cramp Bark is traditionally used for its antispasmodic properties, especially in relieving menstrual cramps. Its historical use as a natural remedy for cramps and muscular tension supports its role in the Cramp Champ formula. A broader review of herbal menstrual cramp relievers highlighted the potential of various plants, including Cramp Bark, in providing effective relief from menstrual cramps, thus supporting its inclusion in natural treatment options for dysmenorrhea (Pal et al., 2019).

#InspireInclusion - Supporting Women's Health

Peekay's Herbs Cramp Champ is a testament to the brand's commitment to "Feelbetterness." It offers a scientifically backed, natural solution to managing menstrual discomfort. The synergistic effects of Cyperus Rhizome, Vitex Fruit, Cramp Bark, and other botanical ingredients help women feel more comfortable during their menstrual cycles.