Sprinkle wellness magic over your little ones

Picture this: a home filled with laughter, healthy smiles, and, at times, tranquility.

What’s the secret recipe to such familial bliss, you ask? When it comes to family wellness, Peekay’s Herbs is your trusty ally. Their range of products is like
an herbal treasure trove, and we’ve picked out some gems that can sprinkle wellness magic over your loved ones and keep the chaos at bay (well, mostly).

Kid’s Calm & Sleepy Time

Ah, bedtime battles – a common struggle in many households. Enter Peekay’s Kid’s Calm & Sleepy Time. This gentle herbal remedy can help turn restless nights into serene sleep, whether it’s stress, anxiety, over-excitement, or stubborn insomnia. The secret? Adaptogenic herbs work their magic by soothing the mind and nourishing the spirit. This formula is suitable for children over one year of age.

Kid’s Cold & Flu

Achoo! Kids and colds are pretty standard this time of year. But Peekay’s Kid’s Cold & Flu aids with active and acute colds and flu that must be treated in real-time when a kid is sick. Turn the tides on these pesky infections with this formula’s gentle yet powerful ingredients boasting antiviral and antibacterial properties. It also tackles the telltale symptoms – phlegm, mucus, congestion, coughs, and sore throats. It can boost their immune system, making it your family’s support against seasonal bugs.

Kid’s Seasonal Support

Winter woes, ugh! Peekay’s Kid’s Seasonal Support is for ongoing daily use as a preventative during the cold and flu season to boost immune defenses and prevent illness. This formula provides your kids with naturally occurring vitamin C and minerals to combat inflammation. Whether it’s the sniffles, hay fever, or seasonal allergies, this formula is your ticket to uninterrupted family fun all year round.

Kid’s Yummy Tummy

No one likes a tummy ache, especially not your little ones. Well, this herbal wonder takes on chronic and acute digestive symptoms such as nausea, heartburn, gas or irregular bowels. It’s all thanks to its natural herbal ingredients that soothe abdominal pain, ease inflammation, and support healthy digestion.

So, there you have it – the secret to a happy family might just be a sprinkle of herbal wisdom.

Thanks to Peekay’s Herbs and their fantastic range of products, you can keep your loved ones healthier, happier, and ready to take on the world, one herb at a time. All Peekay’s Herbs formulas are suitable for children over one year of age.

Remember, when it comes to family wellness, Peekay’s Herbs is your natural source of Feelbetterness!

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